We_CAN – Blog 21.06.19

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Summer term has always one of conflicting emotions. For many students, the eager anticipation for their well-earned rest jars against the anxiety that the Year 11s feel as they complete their final exam.

Last week we witnessed Year 11’s final assembly, a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the journey that those students have gone on during their time at CAN.

As teachers we watched as Year 11 enjoyed their final moments together, laughing at photos they wish had been buried in time; crying at memories they had forgotten; and cheering one another on as they make their way into the future.

Although I say every year, I cannot help but marvel at how far students come during the KS4 years.

How could it be that a student who struggled throughout Year 10, could be seen proudly exclaiming after their exam that they had managed to use an obscure piece of context in their analysis?

Who would have imagined that a student who fancied himself as a class clown, would be getting nominations from his peers for revising so hard for his Science exams?

Not to mention, those students who despite their exam nerves, entered those exams determined to succeed, writing for the full time, attempting all questions and being able to say, without doubt, that they had tried their best.

When we measure their success, we are in awe of their potential.

Having had the pleasure of following my own English class from Year 9 till their exam and 11Atwood for the same length of time, I confess to finding their final day a tad emotional. With their hard work, respect and kindness to one another, teaching this year group has been an absolute delight.

The relentless pride that I feel for those students is immense.

I know I speak for all of the teachers at CAN when I say that not only are we incredibly proud of Year 11 and sad to see them go, but more than that, we all hope that they go on to have the most marvellous lives. Chase adventure. Change the world. Seek happiness.

Year 11 have left their mark on CAN and now it is time for them to go and make their mark in the world.

In the meantime, Year 10 are seeking support for their mocks, preparing for their final year. Because the last day of school isn’t the end, it is the beginning of the next adventure.

Miss Pye – Leader of Literacy

‘Do more for the world than it does for you’ – Henry Ford