#We_CAN – Blog 18.03.19

A regular Academy blog from the team at CAN!

Red Nose Day 2019 @ CAN.

This week saw the Academy in full Red Nose Day spirit as students and staff celebrated and fund raised together. The spirit of community that is brought about when each of our students, staff, parents and carers unites towards a common goal is a true artefact and symbol of the community spirit which shines at CAN.

Our Academy has always been a community serving school, but what does it mean to be a member of the CAN community, and what does it mean to truly serve?  These two questions are fundamental to everything we do at City Academy Norwich, and we, as a team, have spent considerable time reflecting on the answers.

As a community we insist that every member commits to becoming best version of themselves, by answering a simple question everyday – was I better today than yesterday?  This commitment applies to everyone.

We also full heartedly commit to give every member of our school community the same chances and opportunities to succeed and thrive in life; be informed, skilled and collaborative citizens who can be critical and lead the common good in today’s knowledge-based, interdependent world. 

What is a ‘typical community’ day at CAN?

In short, there isn’t one! #CAN_on_the_move! CAN has had more than its fair share of visitors and events over the last few weeks including; a film crew to shoot the new Academy promotional film, UEA Ambassadors and alumni to promote pathways to our students, over seventy adults and young people visiting CAN during the school day to see our community first hand. We have seen two parent and carer subject evenings over the last two weeks for year 7 and year 9. A year 7 festival of learning launch, year 11 mock exams, world book day and Red Nose day to name just a few.

A successful school community isn’t simply measured on the results and ratings it produces.  Its greater measure is the cultural experiences it can offer to its community, linking to the academic success this then brings. ‘A community school is both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources. Its integrated focus on academics, health and social services, youth and community development and community engagement leads to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities.’ Definition – Collins dictionary

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted countsAlbert Einstein.

P CollinHeadteacher