Home Learning Support

Home Learning Support

Many parents and carers will be aware that Google Classroom is our online platform which we used to provide access to our curricula and resources over the lock down period; should a student need to self-isolate in line with COVID-19 government guidance, or the Academy needs to close fully or to partial year groups,  this will be the provision we will use.

Google Classroom is also now going to be used for home learning (homework) to ensure that students are familiar with its’ use. If your child is in school, they will continue with their regular in-school work and should only complete home learning as and when it is set by their teachers.

A vital part of pupils’ education is taking the initiative to support their learning at home through home learning. Home learning is an activity which pupils are asked to do outside school time, either on their own or with parents or carers. The expectation is that home learning will be set and needs to be completed if your child is asked, or needs to self-isolate and not showing symptoms.

The Purpose of Home learning:

The main reasons for setting home learning are:

  • To give learners the opportunity to work on challenging activities to deepen concepts relevant to the curriculum.
  • To give learners an extended opportunity to develop their organisational and time management skills, good study habits and self-discipline.
  • To give learners the opportunity to investigate on their own.
  • To involve parents & carers in the educational development of their child.

How is home learning set at CAN?

From Monday 2nd November 2020 we will be setting all home learning via Google classrooms. We have not set home learning within the first term back, to allow students to regain habits and routines in school. Full details of their timetables can be found here: Home Learning Timetables

Your child will receive training in lessons on how to access their home learning and how to upload their work on completion

FAQ for home learning

FAQ Parents_Carers – Learning from home

How can my child access Google Classroom?

Google Classrooms can be accessed by following these simple steps:

  • Log in to school google account
  • Visit the Google Classroom internet page or download the app

When will my child complete work in Google Classroom?

Students need to complete work in Google Classroom if they are self-isolating in line with COVID-19 government guidance or as part of their weekly home learning. All your child needs to do, is visit the classroom and the work will be posted within the ‘Classwork’ section. If you child has to self-isolate work will be set within 24 hours; we politely request that parents allow a little time for teachers to be notified of the need to set work. If the school has to move to a lock down period of closure with a year group or whole school a period of 2 days will given before any work is submitted via google classroom.

Can I monitor my child’s completion of work?

Yes. One of the best ways to do this is to sit with your child and look through the classroom together. Another way is to be ‘invited’ to the classroom using it’s ‘Invite Guardian’ facility; many parents have already accessed this facility. If you are not sure how to be invited, get in touch with the classroom teacher by writing a private message in your child’s Google Classroom.

We need a device at home

We have already contacted those families who requested an internet-enabled device at home to support remote learning. If your circumstances have changed and your child needs a device, please let us know at the email. office@cityacademynorwich.org

Login In Help

Please find below links to PDF’s on how to access different student systems

How to login to Email

How to login to Google classroom

Please find below on how to reset your password for the following systems, if you need to email a teacher please use your school email not your personal.

Teacher emails

Teachers emails 2020-21

Hegarty Maths – Use the password reset button when logging into Hegarty Maths – Reset Hegarty Maths Password – If you have any problems please email: rebecca.lee@cityacademynorwich.org

GCSEPOD – Please use this link to reset your password. Reset GCSEPOD Password – If you have any problems please email: Rachel.Crickmore@cityacademynorwich.org

Lexia Power up Literacy – Please email: Catherine.Pye@cityacademynorwich.org

Tassomai – Please use this link to reset your password. Reset Tassomai Password – If you have any problems please email: Aidan.Coyne@cityacademynorwich.org

Quizlet – Please email: stephanie.bennett@cityacademynorwich.org

If you have problems logging into google please contact your Form Tutor