CAN Allotment project

Welcome to CAN-ALOT!

‘CAN-ALOT’ (City Academy Norwich Allotment) started in Feb 2020 with help and support of educational charity The Papillon Project – you can find out more about the charity here.

Our aim has been to create a facility which is a permanent place of inspirational learning for our students, which has the additional benefit of improving the mental health and well-being of all involved.

Outdoor learning has so many benefits, especially for the young people in our local community.  It helps develop self-esteem, enhances practical problem solving and team work skills; and helps them to understand the need for sustainable relationships between people and their environment.

Over the course of this year,  a team of young people along with teachers, volunteers and members of the Papillon project,  including their Founder and Project Leader Matt Willer,  have worked hard creating our wonderful allotment.  During Covid-19 lock-down, work continued with the key worker students, staff and volunteers, who were able to enjoy the ‘fruits (or vegetables) of their labour’.  Potatoes, herbs and broccoli were the first to be harvested and which students used to create tasty fresh dishes in their food tech classes.  When the school closed for summer break, the growing continued with bumper crops of courgettes, herbs, rhubarb, beetroot, tomatoes and squash – this produce was shared this with the local community West Norwich Helping Hands.

In June 2020 there were a few new featured additions to our allotment, with the arrival of our Can Chickens!

They provide both eggs and lots of entertainment!   Have a look at these 2 films and you’ll see what we mean!

Chickens 1

Chickens 2

Below there are photos of our allotment journey so far……plus a virtual tour of Canalot!  We hope you enjoy it.

Canalot a community facility, and we welcome volunteers from our local community, parents and carers who share our vision for this special site.  For more information please contact our Canalot Co-ordinator, who is also one of our science teachers: