UCAN & Extra-Curricular Clubs


What is ‘UCAN’   

Our ethos is ‘enjoy, respect, achieve!’ and we want every student to become a ‘game-changer’ – confident students with amazing skills and powerful voices, with the ability to make the world better tomorrow than it is today.  In 2018 we introduced the ‘University of CAN’, or ‘U-CAN’ curriculum to provide amazing opportunities for our students, to develop confidence, learn new skills, grow aspiration and build character.  We don’t want any of this to stop through this period.


We also believe that providing our students opportunities to make their own choices in learning, to express themselves creatively, to connect to the outdoors and to focus on wellbeing, are fundamental to our approach to learning.


For these reasons, we have moved our ‘UCAN’ programme online through this period, and have constructed a broad curriculum for students to explore and engage with.

 How does it work?

We have put together and designed an amazing range of projects for students to take part in, including STEM challenges, outdoor adventure challenges, research projects focused on amazing people, wellbeing challenges including meditation and yoga, and a whole range of other opportunities.


  • UCAN work should happen in the afternoons, alongside some PE / fitness.  All guidance for both the UCAN work and PE / fitness will be shared in students’ Google Classroom form room.
  • Every student has a ‘tracker’ checklist, giving them choices of activities and projects to complete through their afternoon learning time.  Form tutors will support and guide students, checking in on how they are doing with their tracker.
  • Completing UCAN work will count towards students achievement points,  and, once school fully returns, we intend to hold a celebration event, inviting students to exhibit their work to staff, governors and families.

Learn more about our UCAN ‘gamechanger curriculum’ by watching this video COMING SOON