Behaviour for Learning

Behaviour for Learning

Rewards and House Points

At the core of the Academy’s culture is rewards, which is recognised through House Points, celebration assemblies, Top 100 Events, House Christmas dinners, postcards home, and many more throughout the year. Rewards are one of many effective tools that promote a love of learning in the classroom and helps build positive rapport with our students.

Consequences of Poor Behaviour

This behaviour management system is based on the principle that no student has the right to disrupt the learning of other students. It is designed to allow the teacher to teach and deal effectively with low level disruption in the classroom.

The consequence process

C1 – Low level poor behaviour = verbal warning

C2 – Persistent poor learning behaviour persists = recorded warning

C3 – Repeated failure to follow instructions / truancy from lesson = removal from class to partner classroom and 20 minutes after school detention

C3 – Late for school / uniform / poor public behaviour / poor behaviour towards members of staff = 20 minutes after school detention

C4 – Failure to attend C3 detention = 40 minute detention the following day

C5 – Failure of partner classroom, sent to C5 classroom for 2 period and loss of social time plus 20 minutes detention

C5 – Serious breach of standards, sent to C5 classroom for 2 periods and loss of social time plus 20 minutes detention

Note: if the C5 is incurred in the afternoon then a 40 minute detention will apply.

C6 -Persistent poor behaviour = Internal exclusion

C6 -Foul and/or Abusive Language /Physical violence /Illegal substances pending investigation

Students are responsible for attending their detention. Any failure to attend a 20 minute detention is escalated to 40 minutes the following day unless their are valid reasons for non-attendance.

Parents/carers will receive a text when a C3 has been issued to their child in a lesson, and that they will be late home due to detention.  We ask parents to discuss this with their child and guide them to make the right choices in future.

CAN Behaviour for Learning Policy

COVID Behaviour for Learning Policy addendum