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Year 10 Basketball Tournament

Framingham Earl 8 – 11 City Academy Norwich

With the first basketball game under way, we started out well but needed a little bit of time to get into the game. Framingham Earl took advantage scoring early on. We started finding our feet and played some good basketball. Throughout the game our transition from offense to defence got better and better. We had great link up play for offence and were able to switch the ball between players quickly, but also got back to man-mark well. Highlights included Matas scoring a 3-point shot with great composure and Vlad working harder than ever to hassle the opposition on the ball.

City Academy Norwich (13) – Sprowston (4)

With a win under their belt in the last game City Academy Norwich went out with the focus on doing it all again! Our team started off strong, competing for every opportunity that arose. Hassling the opposition and driving forwards with counter attacks really gave our team the edge. Highlights included Mishel’s 3-point shot in the opening few minutes, Wilson’s control and lay-up ability in offence, and Allan’s ability to put constant pressure on the opposition.

Well done to the whole team as you all did superbly, putting in 100% effort throughout, hassling the opposition constantly, and for being positive and supportive team mates.

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