What Parents Need to Know About MOMO

Dear Parents/Carers

I wanted to make you aware of something called the ‘Momo Challenge’. It has been around for some time but has recently resurfaced. A violent graphic image reportedly appears on a number of different Apps, including Facebook, What’s App and You Tube, asking users to participate in dangerous challenges.

There has recently been a significant amount of media coverage on this so many of you may already be fully aware of it and the potential risks associated with it. Momo is essentially a hoax, but it has been sensationalised by the media and continues to be a concern. Naturally, some children are going to be frightened by what they see online and I want to reassure you that we will use this as an opportunity to educate our students of the risks associated with this challenge.

So that you can support and reinforce the message that we’ll be sharing with our students, please see link below for an information leaflet that will give you clarity and advice.

If you have any additional queries, please do let  us know.

With best wishes,

Helpful advice can be found here

What Parents Need to Know About MOMO

Paul Collin


City Academy Norwich