Glamorous Queen Inspires Us All

Our theme for assemblies on the week beginning 3rd February was LBGT ‘Be Proud of Yourself’. We were very fortunate to have Norwich based award winning drag Queen – Miss Dee Licious as our guest speaker.Β  Her message of acceptance, kindness and positive diversity was an inspiration to us all.

Miss Dee Licious: don’t ever judge someone, don’t ever assume someone is all right or not all right, always be a shoulder a friend can cry on without feeling embarrassed, be the better version of yourself each day. Don’t compare you to your next door friend. Don’t believe a word the haters are telling you. Believe in yourself and this is why today I am standing here proud delivering a message of positive diversity through a life experience of many tribulations that did not turn me into a horrible unsuccessful person. Because I believed in myself that one day life would change for the better. One day I would be proud of who I am no matter what others may say. I have learned to build strength through life because of my negative experiences. But what worked the best was to not listen to or believe to those who had only one mission to destroy and put down others as a game. Peoples feelings are serious, we all deserve to be loved no matter which family we come from, which country we are from, what social situation we are in, how rich or poor our families are, how you look or how your body moves. Be your own voice and don’t let the noise of others cover your truly beautiful person.

Look around you right now and every day to see how you can make the world around you a better place for yourself. Too often we think that by telling someone else how they should react, do or say something is the way forward. But it isn’t. Each person in this room as a right to be loved, to be respected for who they are, for the way they were born, the way they feel around each other.

We all have a chance to bring a smile on the person next to you. I am actually going to challenge you right here right now and ask you to do something I wish I was told even just once through my childhood! An act of kindness which needs to be sincere. You may not like the person next to you but learn to like each other as you never know who will be there for you when you least expect it. So. Are you ready for the little challenge?

Turn to one person next to you on your left (the side of your heart) or find someone who is on the edge of the assembly and when everyone has found someone. Look at each other in the eyes and say YOU ARE AMAZING!

Why this word? The official meaning of amazing is causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing. In your young language it means very impressive or excellent!

Excellence is a high level of success. And success starts with a simple gesture of love, respect and appreciation for everyone in this room, everyone in your family and everyone you meet through your life today and tomorrow.

One day you will remember this when you feel alone, lost, confused and need a little push of self esteem. And you will thank me from a place you may not understand right now. I promise you kindness is the key to happiness around you and especially for yourself. Treat others as you would want to be treated as an equal, fabulous and amazing person.

Student comments:

Your story was so moving and touching, and it made me realise that we all have to see each other as equal as we don’t know what goes on in the world around us and what’s happening with other people

Your visit to City Academy Norwich was so inspiring you brought tears to my eyes – you have made me open my eyes to being me

Your talk really made a positive impression on a lot of people who really needed to hear what you have to say….you really touched me and most people in the room