COVID-19 Key information

In order to support the children of key workers who are needed in our front line services.  Childcare provision is available on request.  This is not a educational provision and activities will be based upon current government guidance designed to support the safety and well being of both students and staff.

The advice is very clear that families should, where at all possible, keep children at home.  Therefore parents/carers should only request provision if either both parents are key workers and no other child care is available, or in the case of a lone parent family where the parent is a key worker.  Should it become apparent that this is not the case we reserve the right to refuse a place for your child in this provision. We are closed to day as we currently have no families that have requested this provision over the Easter period. If you have any questions regarding the above you should call 01603 251655 and a member of the safeguarding team will respond within 48 hours.

In order to access a place for your child we ask that you complete the form below and email before 12 o’clock for the following day.  All parents\carers need to complete the new form, including those who have previously notified us.  The form only needs to be completed on your first application, however we do ask that you communicate each day as to whether your child still requires a place.  We are basing the offer on a minimum number of 3 children in order to support the well-being of both students and staff attending.   Should the numbers fall below this threshold we will not open on that day and this will be communicated as soon as possible.

Please use this form


We greatly value the work that our frontline services are doing under immensely challenging circumstances and request that you support the efforts to keep everyone as safe as possible by not accessing this provision unless no other option is available.

Thank you.

Coronavirus Support

We have created this new web page to support continued learning and sign post you to well being resources and the most up to date information relating to the world health emergency in light of the COVID-19 situation.

There are a range of learning resources below to cater for all year groups. The link here will take you to the home learning help sheet to get you started on our remote learning platform that will be used during our forced closure period.

If you have an urgent safeguarding concern (such as a child being at risk of harm) please dial 999. If your concern is not urgent and can wait until the school reopens, please email: and our safeguarding team will get in contact once school recommences or you can call 01603 251655 and a member of the safeguarding team will respond within 48 Hours during term time and normal school hours. For updated safeguarding information in additional to our main policy click here.

Staff can also refer directly to Children’s Services on 0344 800 8020 (office hours)

Letters issued to parents and carers during COVID-19

We are continually updating our communications to Parents & Carers – please click here to see all the most recent letters sent of see the home page of the website.

NHS & Wellbeing Support Links

Support from Norwich City Council: C-19-Resource-pack-v1.1

NHS Official support website:

HM Government advice website:

Mental health support from Mind:

Mental health support from the Mental Health Foundation:

Stress and anxiety app

Stress and anxiety app

Local support

Norwich has a wealth of support from local providers below are some of the key partners and documents we are aware of that might be helpful as reference in the current situation.

COVID-19 Food support for Norwich Area V1

Norwich Help Hub Bulletin March