Developing Literacy & Reading

Developing Literacy and Reading

We love to read at CAN. We read at the beginning of lessons, in form, during our library lessons and as part of our weekly DEAR (Drop Everything And Read), every Thursday.

Key Stage 3 pupils are expected to read for at least 20 minutes per day at home, and our Key Stage 4 pupils are regularly set challenging reads as part of their home learning.

Our Library has a fantastic range of books – there is something for everyone to enjoy.

As part of the Great CAN Reading Challenge, pupils are encouraged to improve their reading ages by one year every term; something which more and more students are managing to achieve.

We encourage a collegiate approach to teaching literacy by sharing ideas and filming good practice. As well as working on embedding high quality, authentic literacy instruction into our studentsโ€™ daily diet of learning, form tutors also perform a vital role in moving pupilsโ€™ literacy skills forward.

We know, as a staff, that our pupilsโ€™ literacy levels need to be raised to give our students the opportunity to live their best life. We are all teachers of literacy. and we’re all passionate about giving our students the tools they need to chase their aspirations.

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